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Stamping die design

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for new product development and making APQP related documents;
2. Design two-dimensional engineering drawings and three-dimensional mold drawings according to product samples or product drawings;
3. Design product process inspection fixture;
4. Lead the self-designed mold review;
5. Be responsible for mold production progress and mold quality; Including the control of outsourced processing and internal processing;
6. Formulate mold use and maintenance specifications;
7. Be responsible for continuous improvement of molds;

Job requirements
1. Proficient in 2D, 3D and other drawing software;
2. At least 5 years experience in 3D drawing of automobile stamping die, 30-45 years old;
3. College degree or above, major in mold design and manufacturing, material molding, etc;
4. Welcome colleagues with dedication and sense of mission to join our company and seek common development.

Stamping die setter

Job responsibilities:
1. After receiving the instructions from the team leader, load and unload the molds according to the operation standard specification for upper and lower molds
2. Fill in the mold change record form and notify the technician to start the machine adjustment
3. 5S sanitary arrangement and supervision and management shall be carried out around the equipment
4. Assist technicians to deal with simple problems on the machine
5. Recycle the machine head materials produced on the machine table every day and return them to the feeder

Job requirements
1. At least two years working experience in metal stamping plant.
2. Skillfully operate pneumatic punch and old-fashioned gear punch.
3. Be familiar with metal stamping dies.
4. Work carefully, work steadily, and obey the arrangement.
5. Junior high school degree or above, aged between 25-40.

Tool maker

Job responsibilities:
The main responsibilities of the fitter in the mold department are as follows:
1. Maintain the equipment in charge and fill in the spot check form;
2. Prepare mold parts and auxiliary tools for the day's work
3. Review the drawings and confirm the sequence of parts processing;
4. Check the size and quality of all accessories;
5. When processing accessories, pay attention to the clamping of accessories, and pay attention to safety and quality;
6. Before assembling the mold, you should understand the process of this mold and prepare for processing before cutting;
7. When assembling the formwork, match the formwork according to the requirements of the drawing, and pay attention to various details;
8. The tested products should be handed over to the next process after self inspection and the size is intact;
9. Regularly maintain the equipment in charge, and do a good job of 6S (Seiri), rectification (Seiton), and cleaning before work Six projects (Seiso), cleaning (Seiketsu), Shitsuke (Shitsuke) and safety);
10. Think about the existing mold to see if there is room for improvement, and propose to improve it with the consent of the supervisor;
11. Complete the temporary tasks arranged by the leader.

Job requirements:
1. At least two years working experience in hardware stamping die assembly and debugging. Be able to complete the assembly and debugging of the mold independently according to the drawing.
2. Skillfully operate various processing equipment. (such as hand grinder, water grinder, drilling / milling machine, etc.)
3. Having done stamping die for automotive shock absorber series is preferred.
4. Work carefully, work steadily, and obey the arrangement.
5. Junior high school degree or above, aged between 25-45.

Quality manager

operating duty:
1. Be responsible for formulating, decomposing and monitoring quality policies and objectives, leading the quality team to complete the company's quality objectives, and implementing performance appraisal on the achievement status;
2. Be responsible for the maintenance of customer relations, the correspondence of second-party audits, the timely response to customer feedback, and improve the awareness of meeting customer requirements:
3. Be responsible for planning and implementing new project transfer, quality control handover and mass production quality management and improvement;
4. Prepare, revise and improve various quality management systems and processes within the enterprise and supervise their implementation;
5. Standardize supplier quality management, monitor supplier quality risks, and improve supplier management level;:
6. Organize the review of nonconforming products, formulate corrective, preventive and improvement measures for quality problems, and track and verify the implementation of the measures;
7. Supervise and inspect quality records, organize the analysis of quality data, and carry out the analysis and control of quality cost;
8. Formulate internal personnel selection, education, employment, retention, promotion, elimination and other management measures, and assist subordinates to complete relevant work when things need to be communicated across departments.

Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in quality, electronics or science and engineering;
2. At least 3 years of electronic quality management experience, at least 3 years of automotive shock absorber position experience is preferred;
3. Be familiar with quality management system and master five quality management tools;
4. Organization building ability, customer result orientation, integrity, integrity, resilience, and ability to work under great pressure
5. Deep professional knowledge and understanding of the industry
6. Serious and responsible work, good communication skills Organizational ability, strong sense of responsibility, proactive, team spirit, patience, meticulous and serious work Caution Strong conditioning.

Specific treatment interview, favorable treatment and welfare

Foreign trade salesman

Job responsibilities:
1. Use the channels provided by the company to find overseas customers, sort out and reply to inquiries, and do a good job in the later follow-up work;
2. Maintain good communication with customers and develop new sources of customers with the help of industry platforms;
3. Be able to give customers a timely reply to product model and quality, and deal with customers' questions;
4. Maintain the relationship with old customers and handle customer orders;
5. Be responsible for inviting customers at the exhibition, and go to the exhibition to receive corresponding customers
6. Assist in dealing with other work arranged by the superior.

1. Fluent in English listening and speaking, with non English major level 6 / English major level 4 / level 8;
2. Be able to develop new customers and markets independently, and be familiar with foreign trade processes and product positioning in the market.
3. Experience in automotive shock absorber industry is preferred;
4. Work steadily and seriously, respond quickly and sensitively, and have a strong sense of responsibility;
5. Good communication, coordination and execution skills.

Fresh graduates are welcome to apply! The company recruits many graduates for training.
Treatment: base salary + commission. The Commission point is much higher than that of the same industry,
The annual salary is expected to reach 150000-300000. Welcome foreign trade elites to join us!

Warehouse tube

Job responsibilities:

1. The acceptance, warehousing, storage, delivery and inventory of warehouse materials shall be carried out to ensure the normal receiving and dispatching process and the consistency of accounts and materials:
2. Grasp the inventory status at any time, ensure the timely supply of materials and equipment, and repeatedly give play to the turnover efficiency;
3. The goods in the packaging material warehouse are neat, classified, the environment is clean and sanitary, and the fire prevention and anti-theft safety management of the warehouse:
4. Be responsible for keeping and archiving relevant documents;
5. Other matters assigned by the department head.

Job requirements:
1. Have relevant warehouse management experience for more than 1 year;
2. If you need to work overtime, you are required to live in the company dormitory or near the company:
3. Active, hardworking, strong sense of responsibility, with a strong team spirit;
4. Familiar with the warehouse in and out operation process, forklift license is preferred:
5. Technical secondary school or above, 25-40 years old.

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